Loft Barns

Allwood Structures pioneered the full use 2nd floor gambrel loft barn and we manufacture the rafter system that accomplishes it. We found that many customers have a limited amount of space on their property but needed additional storage. Our rafter system is engineered and allows full floor space storage, rather than reduced area that is taken up by truss webbing. It can be finished off or used in its shell form.

The gambrel style has also become popular in cabin usage.

Our floor joists are 16" oc and our rafters are 24" oc unless otherwise required. Because we can custom build our rafter system, they can be adjusted, altered, heightened and lowered to meet your specific needs.

These buildings are beautiful in a historic barn sense, as our pictures indicate. Come up with your specific ideas and let us work through it with you.

Barn Stalls